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I saw this post over at SoL today, and I have to point it out, because it’s one of the rare times I actually agree with something on an ADM site.  The post is simply a quote from A.W. Tozer, and it’s about resentment.  Here’s an excerpt:

In the course of scores of conferences and hundreds of conversations I have many times heard people say, “I resent that.” But I repeat: I have never heard the words used by a victorious man. Resentment simply cannot dwell in a loving heart. Before resentfulness can enter, love must take its flight and bitterness take over. The bitter soul will compile a list of slights at which it takes offense and will watch over itself like a mother bear over her cubs. And the figure is apt, for the resentful heart is always surly and suspicious like a she-bear.

Amen!  I whole-heartily agree.  Resentment is a trap that the enemy sets for us, and if we spend our time worrying about defending our rights, I believe we are missing the point of being a Christ-follower to large extent.

But then I compare this post to many of the other ones on SoL, and I scratch my head.  It seems to me that the majority of the site is built on resentment and/or taking offense.  Just take a look at some the recent posts (here, here, and here) for example.  Those are all from the current front page.   I could easily point out dozens of others if wanted to.

So I guess it’s just another example of what happens when we say one thing and do another.  It’s one thing to say we need to be careful of living with resentment, but it’s quite another to live it.

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