From Casting Crowns’ Christmas album.

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I’ve always liked these guys, and thought this song’s message was apt as we move into the Christmas season…

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1   Rick Frueh
November 23rd, 2008 at 7:45 pm

I have been to only one concert in 10 years and it was to see these guys. My oldest son, Jon, had told me they were missionary minded and I like much of their music so I went. Two years earlier Jon’s wife had left him for someone else and he had just begun to heal. During the concert, and unknown to me, he spotted his former wife.

He approached her and they went to eat afterward. It seems she had never married and was now living alone and desiring to serve Christ in spite of her major mistake. She never entertained the fact that Jon would ever be interested in her again, but that night God mended them again. Several months later they were remarried, and this January they will have my 3rd grandchild – a girl.

They are active in a church and Jon has preached there several times. The music of Casting Crowns was great, their gospel presentation was anointed at the end, but the Spirit was doing a work that no one but our family knew about.

Just thought I would share what God can do when we aren’t even seeking it, to His glory alone.

2   j    
December 6th, 2008 at 5:53 pm

great song.

CCM music not my thing really

more of a Messianic Music fan than CCM music


Hooked On The Truth song by aviad cohen

Zemer Levav – Mayim Chaim

Hallelu Et Adonai song by Ted Pearce