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Christmas DogIt’s the Christmas season now, and one of our most ‘popular’ articles last December had this festive rendition of “O Holy Night” as its centerpiece.

Now, as you can imagine, some folks who cannot seem to discern the difference between worshiping Christ and worshiping the works of men found this offensive. However, as an interesting counterpoint, Matt B did some research into the origins of the song, itself, finding:

The [song's] writer was a wine seller and didn’t regularly attend church. He later walked away from the church and became a socialist. The musician who wrote the music didn’t even believe Jesus was God. The song was commissioned by a Catholic priest and it’s first performance was in a Catholic church.

This created an illustrative moment of dissonance, where the average reader was left to ponder how a) singing a man-made song (w/o any Scripture in it) was highly offensive, yet b) singing the song, itself, with origins that would put its writer on the ADM “firing squad” list, was not at all offensive.

Ah yes, the modern-day Sanhedrin at its finest…

And so it is, remembering this lesson (along with the question – “Must a Joyful Noise be a Beautiful One?“) that we repost this Holiday classic,


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