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Over at Slice, Ingrid Schlueter opines about a pastor:

After looking at an increasingly androgynous Rob Bell in this video, I’d say Bell doesn’t seem limited to a gender either.

Now, I’m curious. Is that personal attack? Does that statement reflect the God that Mrs. Schlueter follows? Does statement reflect the God of the Bible? If this isn’t a personal attack, what is it? What’s the point of it?

In another recent thread we were asked for the proof that ADM’s attack? Well, how about these apples?

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Slice'd DogI have to say, I got a chuckle out of one of Ingrid’s recent articles, where she claims that CBS’ 48 Hours contacted her (and that she turned them down) for an interview for an upcoming show on a camp that is training 700 kids to become Christian Missionaries.

In explaining why she turned them down, she says:

Sorry CBS. We’re not going to help you in your vicious attack on Christians.

To which I wondered if the completed thought might be “because we don’t need your help to do it.  We work alone.”

Seriously, though, I am glad that, if she was asked, she turned them down.  I wouldn’t want her speaking for the church in any capacity.  As for whether the sponsors of the camp or responsible Christians should have turned them down, I would think that would be a bad idea:  If it becomes a smear job, there will be many who will see through it.  If it does not (and it doesn’t appear to be headed that direction), how better to put a good foot forward.

Do I think CBS (or the kids at the camp) will push all the ‘right’ theological buttons?  Probably not.  Do I think that it is a good thing for Christians to be seen as promoting missions and building character in their youth?  Certainly.  Do I think an invitation from a non-Christian newsgroup should receive this response:

That’s like Adolf Hitler calling to ask if you want to be featured in one of his latest “documentaries” on the Jewish issue. Opposing views are welcomed. Just don’t be surprised that when you finally screen the film you find that they have edited in lice crawling over your face.

I would hope the answer would be a self-evident “No”…

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