As 2008 prepares to finally pass us by, I thought, as part of my role as manager of CRN.Info, I’d go back and highlight some of the best posts (IMHO) of 2008. Last year, I was also able to do a “most popular” post, but since we switched servers a couple of times in the middle of the year, I don’t have stats available to give me the data, so we’ll just have to forgo the “most popular” for 2008…

In choosing the “best of”, I’ve tried to balance multiple factors (all of which were pretty subjective, so just let me be… ) while also exempting any posts I wrote (to avoid any charges of vanity) or that Zan wrote (to avoid having to sleep in a different bed if I pick the wrong one).

So, w/o further ado, in alphabetical order (by author) -

there goes the hoe – Brendt (noting that I was really worried after reading the title, prior to reading the article)

Evangelism in the 21st Century – Bruce

The battle we are in… - Chris

Who is My Neighbor? – Christian P.

Concerning Discernment and Birds – Jerry

When Did the Holy Spirit Die? – Joe

Fit For Service – Joe C

A Little Peek Indeed – John D

The ODM Way Back Machine – Matt B

warren vs. the bible (on pay-per-view tonight) – Nathan

If Mr. Dumpty Had a Blog… – Neil (who also gets a 2008 nod for the term “to silvanize…”)

Lay Down Your Weapons – Phil Miller

Pastor? – Tim Reed

Justice and Mercy #36 – Hilary Peele – Podcast

Thanks to all CRN.Info writers (active, retired and semi-retired) and commenters for the community, growth, wrestling, laughter and frustrations of 2008. The very fact that we have been able to converse openly w/o persecution is a blessing, and God has blessed us all abundantly beyond what any of us deserve.

Happy New Year!

Chris L.

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1   Phil Miller
December 31st, 2008 at 2:48 pm

Thanks to all CRN.Info writers (active, retired and semi-retired) and commenters for the community, growth, wrestling, laughter and frustrations of 2008.

I need to take a break I think. I read this and saw “semi-retired wrestler” in there somewhere! (Brendt? Joe?)

Anyways, thank you for letting me express myself here, Chris!

2   Pastorboy
December 31st, 2008 at 3:03 pm

I really miss Tim Reed, Owasso MI and his ‘colorful’ language. Thanks for the memories, Mr. Manager.

3   Jerry
December 31st, 2008 at 3:09 pm


It has been a highlight of my year to be invited to write here. I am happy that through this ministry my own heart has been softened towards the hurting and the lost and the defenseless and that my understanding of God’s grace has been deepened.

I am honored and proud to be a part of this work. Here’s hoping that 2009 will present us with just as many, and many more, opportunities to share the grace of God with the hopeless, helpless, and loveless as 2008 did. Be blessed, all of you who write here and all of you who have become my friends this year through .info.

May the Lord be blessed.

4   Joe
December 31st, 2008 at 3:49 pm

You know who I miss? That F. Whittenburg fellow. Hahaha