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Well-done, Sir!Last year, we addressed the subject of ‘naughty’ language in a number of comment threads, and at least one post (which summed up a position I believe most, if not all, of the writers would agree with).

Yet, from time-to-time, this topic still comes up.

In light of this, Abraham Piper (yeah, he’s from that Piper family…) recently posted some thoughts congruent with ours:

Even though we react more viscerally to bad language, it’s worse to use a nice word spitefully than a naughty word cordially.

This was a corollary to his previous observation on this subject:

Why do we say, “S-word,” instead of…well…the S-word?

It’s like we think its very sound triggers a trapdoor to hell.

(I would also note that Abraham’s blog, twenty-two words, is interesting, as in each post, he condenses his thoughts on a subject to … twenty-two words.  He’s often got interesting, concise observations that I find quite timely.)

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