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Someone at Slice is really confused.  For example this gem:

This article fully addresses what was so wrong about Rick Warren getting up and praying his Interfaith prayer. It sowed spiritual confusion. Did Jesus really teach Buddhists and atheists to pray, “Our Father, who art in heaven…?”

If you follow the link it takes you to a blog post at Huffington Post in which the blogger blasts Rick for saying Jesus taught “us” to pray.  The blogger complains of Rick’s use of “us” in the phrase … “Jesus, who taught us to pray, ‘our father, who art in Heaven’…”

The Huffington blogger clearly missed the common formulaic use of this phrase, choosing to be offended instead by being included in Warren’s conservatism.  Ingrid at Slice uses this as evidence of some kind attack against Warren.  The warrant – his prayer sowed spiritual confusion and was interfaith.  Of course, to do so she must also miss the point of the Huffington Post blogger – at least the Ingrid is consistent.

I challenge anyone to show how this prayer is interfaith… it invokes a prayer to “our Father” which clearly excludes Muslims who would never refer to their god as father… it excluded Buddhists who deny a personal deity to be a father… it excludes those religions who are not based on the Hebrew Scriptures in general, or Deuteronomy in specific… and most significantly by praying in the name of Jesus he excludes all those who would not – i.e. everyone except Christians.

So, in an effort to attack a brother in Christ Ingrid at Slice chooses to side with someone who was offended by Warren including them in a Christian prayer.

But the confusion does not end there.

There is the post [HT: nc] griping about which translation of the name of the Messiah was used.  The issue here is the use of the Arabic “Isa” – apparently Arabic is an inappropriate language to use when referencing Jesus.  The complaint is based on this assertion:

`Isa´ is strictly Koranic and used by Arab Muslims. Even Arab Christians don´t refer to Isa,´ but to `Yesua.´ – Daniel Cordell

This is nonsense, as is the rest of the post that tries to make Isa a technical term used by Muslims.  Apparently someone thinks if it’s on Wikipedia it’s true.  There is only one problem… Arab Believers do indeed refer to Jesus as Isa since it is simply the Arabic translation  – as Jesus is English.  Furthermore, to say Arabs are going to stop using Arabic and take up Hebrew when they come to Christ based on “Isa” being Koranic is asinine.

These attacks on Warren and his prayer in the name of Jesus are as shameful as they are shoddy.  But it does show, once again, that narrow minds are easily made up – and no facts will stand in their way.


It is evident that Ingrid Schlueter (along with others) has such an unrealistic view of Warren that she is willing to use any source, advance any claim, create any objection regardless of merit.

The whole “Isa” discussion aside (cf. early comments below)… the very fact that she calls a prayer prayed to Our Father…in Jesus’ name interfaith shows her willingness and ability to ignore facts in an effort to discredit Warren.

This claim is so blatantly false it discredits no one but herself…

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“A Church is not a center for religious goods and services, where people pay a fee and recieve a product in return. A Church is not an organization that surveys its demographic to find out what the market is demanding at this particular movement adn adjusts its strategy to meet the consumer niche”

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