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Yeah, I’m biased — these guys are from Atlanta (and even my neck of the woods).  But even past the fact that it’s a great rockin’ song, this kinda epitomizes the ideas of trying to restore our view of Jesus’ humanity and the oft-counter-culture nature of His ministry.

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And at times, our problem too:

Dogmatism As Christian theologians we are likewise faced with the temptation toward dogmatism.  We run the risk of confusing one specific model of reality with reality itself or one theological system with truth itself, thereby ‘canonizing’ a particular theological construct or a specific theologian.  Because all systems are models of reality, we must maintain a stance of openness to other models, aware of the tentativeness and incompleteness of all systems.  In the final analysis, theology is a human enterprise, helpful for the task of the church, to be sure, but a human construct nevertheless.

- Theology for the Community of God by Stanley J. Grenz, 13.

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