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Bill Mounce has written a Eph 2:49" href="" target="_blank">great post over at the Koinonia blog about our speech and anger.  He has some deep and well thought through insights and applications that apply to all of us.  Here’s a snippet, but if you have the time, go read the whole thing:

One of the patterns that I have noticed is that we often are justified in our anger, and that anger vents itself in ungodly language that clearly violates the clear teaching of Scripture. But because our anger is so strong, and our justification so deep, we feel that not only are we justified to speak in corrupting and graceless ways, but that we have some sort of divine mandate to do so. It would be wrong, we reason, to speak any other way.

I have often commented to myself (and those around me) that gossip, slander, and critical speech are the native tongue in the church.

We see this expressed in different ways among ADM’s and the writers here, and we might be inclined to see the errors of others, but I’d like to encourage you to think about your own responses to other people when you get angry.

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From the mailbag:

AOG pastor says that the tragic Victorian bush fires are the result of
God’s wrath
on Australia because of the abortion laws. The real reason
is the the Green party here lobbied and made it illegal to back burn and
as such the fires simply ravaged everything in it’s path. The Greens
then blamed global warming.

Socialism and the Environmentalism movement at work!

HT: Dave Muller

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