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One has to wonder if Chris Rosebrough is Slowly Becoming Catholic or joining the Evanjellyfish of the Apostate Nation with this piece that does  wonderful impersonation of a batter striking out. Calling on Irenaeus (who is called the first great Catholic theologian) Chris tries to make the case that sites like SOL and ??N are just part of a long history of discernment ministries. He compares ??N to Irenaeus. Now, I’ll let you do a little study and compare the two. Chris makes a nice funny where he says some may have accused Irenaeus of having a PDM (Parchment Discernment Ministry). The strikeout is impressive when you consider it is 881 words long. The last paragraph is a prayer and who can be against those, so I took those 80 words out, which if you divide the remaining 771 by three strikes (the number necessary for an out) you get 257 outs. That’s enough for one team to have played 9.5 games. Impressive.

Oh, here’s two little differences to begin with.

1. Irenaeus was actually considered a pastor (ordained and held in the highest regard) by the people above him and around him.

2. His church had more than 6 people in it. Size isn’t everything but come on, it needs to be considered at some point, doesn’t it?

Comparing what the first great Catholic Theologian wrote to the tabloid tripe that comes from the EDM’s is downright silly. Mr. Rosebrough fails to be honest enough to mention that many who criticize the wanna be teachers and true trouble makers willingly make a distinction between real discernment and self linking. He also fails to mention Frank Turk’s comment about the Bible calling for Biblical elders not EDM/ADM/ODM’s.

So in a clear umpire voice, I say, “You’re out!”

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