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The one thing that really irks my noodle (my brain), more than any other thing, about blogging is the sanctimonious feel to it all. Particularly “Christian” blogs. The basic outline of a Christian blog goes a little something like this:

This is what I think
This is what God thinks
Not surprisingly God and I think alike.
Anyone who disagrees is obviously not like God.
Anyone who disagrees is obviously less like God than I am.

It’s rather, how should I say, pathetic. Now before anyone think I’m excluding myself from the fraternity of pious blather spewers let me say I am fully aware of my ability to believe I’m right on everything. For why would I pontificate on anything that I’m not convinced that I know completely? What’s even more comical is the feigned offense I take when others don’t see it my way. It’s comical because I really shouldn’t take myself so seriously. Even more comical is that I feel the need to feign offense at a comment, moniker, and IP address. Is it possible I’m OCD about ODM’s?

Don’t believe me? Check out some of the things I’ve written here. Or better yet check out your blog, or your favorite blog, or your Aunt Jenny’s blog. Sure; sometimes you may mask the outline with witty banter or obfuscate a point with some ten cent words but I assure you that somewhere on any Christian blog the outline will work.

Want to be risky or risque start posting about your penchant for certain sins. Or that one thought you had about that one woman. Or maybe how you really feel about Aunt Jenny. Nah…that would be too…non-christian. After all a blog has standards and etiquette. Well at least that’s what I tell myself. Maybe you’re more able than I am to cut to the quick or rather quick to cut.

Whatever your motivation to blog may I suggest to you (and myself) that Paul reminds us to not “…think more highly of ourselves than we ought”. But Paul must not realize how many blog hits I get a day. Or the emails supporting my “ministry”. Or that one time that one guy invited me to his internet radio talk show. At least that’s what I tell my friends when they ask about my incessant rambling about Emergent.

Well I gotta get going I’ve got a facebook convo with Doug, Tony, Mark S., Brian, Rob, Phyllis, Peter, Scot, and Mark D. they really need my advice on the next steps for world domination. What would they ever do without me? What would God do without me?

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