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We Have a ProblemAs I read this, I wonder which will be more insuffrable – the movement, in and of itself, or SoL, CR?N & Company chanting “I told you so” with this on the masthead in parallel?

To those of you who I told you so – I told you so.  But I’m not all that happy about my ‘vindication’.

To those of you who also told us so, you were right.  It didn’t take rocket science to see it was coming.  Let’s try to handle this one a bit better than we did the question of homosexuality…


Any bets on when this shows up in the ODM world?


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A couple of weeks ago, and old friend of mine introduced me to a YouTube fad of “literal videos”, which has given me a good number of laughs, whether it was looking back at the cheesiness of the 60’s

YouTube Preview Image

Or the 80’s

YouTube Preview Image

As I’ve thought about this on and off (honestly far more off than on) since then, I’ve thought of them as potentially a metaphor for how any approach to Scripture when over-applied – be it literalism, intellectualism, historicism, philosiphism, etc. – tends to sanitize it and take the impact of the story, itself, away.

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