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I hope you get the opportunity to hear this song in its entirety. It’s from the new Crowder CD.

Oh, happiness
There is grace
enough for us
And the whole
human race.

–David Crowder, Oh, Happiness

Be blessed and well my friends.

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I’m finally getting around to reading Justification by NT Wright. I’m 40 pages in, and I am happy to say that Wright agrees with me. I do believe that I have finally found a theologian who agrees with the way I have always read Scripture.

It is terribly hard to put the book down, although I must because I have graduate responsibilities to tend to this afternoon, so I wish to give you a glimpse. I know others have written about the book or quoted it here or there. What I propose to do is read and think through the book just as I did with Jesus For President (which, by the way, I have gained some clarity on in recent days, especially in regard to what is referred to pejoratively as ‘redemptive violence’; more on that another time).

So here’s a word from Pastor Wright:

It is central to Paul, but almost entirely ignored in perspectives old, new and otherwise, that God had a single plan all along through which he intended to rescue the world and the human race, and that this single plan was centered upon the call of Israel, a call which Paul saw coming to fruition in Israel’s representative, the Messiah. Read Paul like this, and you can keep all the jigsaw pieces on the table. Ignore this great narrative, and you will have to sweep half of them out of sight or try the Stasi trick. (35; his emphasis)

Wright is simply brilliant here. The last major series of sermons I preached to my former family dealt with just this subject and traced the story of faith from the the creation, to the fall, to the call, through the prophets, to the Messiah, to the New Heavens and the New Earth. It’s all there: We are sons of Abraham.

I hope to share more of this wonderful book with you as I read along. I’m not trying to step on any toes of those who have already written reviews or quoted from the book. I just hope to share some of his wisdom and the beauty of his work in the Word with you who might not otherwise dare to read it.


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I saw this post linked to by someone recently, and the guy who wrote it says that Christian men are big sissies.  According to Mr. Daubenmire, we need man up and be more like Braveheart, John Wayne, and Clinton Eastwood.  He puts it this way:

Needless to say, I am swimming upstream on this one. All day long they are taught in school to “act like Christians.” That is the problem, I tell them. Stop ACTING like a Christian and start BEING one.

But we don’t even know what that means. WWJL…What Was Jesus Like? I promise you this. He was all MAN. He confronted evil, challenged the status quo, upset some apple-carts, and spoke what was on His mind. He was the original “Braveheart.”

Come on now. Look around at the Christian role models our young men have to look up to. Most don’t even look like men. What is the word that pop culture has given us…metrosexuals…? Modern Christian men are the ultimate metrosexuals.

So, what say you? Are Christian men too metro?  Too sensitive? Big weenies?  More importantly, what does it actually mean to be a Christian man?  How important is our masculinity as it relates to our identity in Christ?  Of course, I have my opinion, but I’d be interested in hearing what others have to say (which probably makes me a sissy for asking, of course… :-) )

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