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It is not uncommon to hear the argument against [insert favorite ODM whipping boy here] that s/he is popular with or respected by the “world”.  Conversely, disdain by the “world” is seen as a stamp of godliness.

Now certainly, Jesus did warn His disciples that if He was getting persecution, they definitely would.  But one of His disciples also noted that sometimes we suffer simply because we’re booger-heads (1 Peter 2:20).  As with many things there is a distinction made here, and “A” does not always imply “B”.

John Calvin wrote about this distinction, and Tim Keller quotes him and expounds on the thought.  Keller (citing Calvin) notes the danger of missing the distinction, and suggests that those that miss it are acting not out of courage, but out of pride.

A good, quick read.  I recommend it to you.

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