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I’d like to share a thought or two with you about worship this morning. Specifically I’d like to share a couple of thoughts with you about a special time of the worship that Christians refer to in various ways—communion, the Lord’s Supper, Eucharist. It is a most special time during the worship and one that I have participated in regularly since sometime in 1983.

In the tradition I used to belong to, the Christian Church/Church of Christ, communion is a weekly part of the worship. Sometimes it is offered near the end of the worship and sometimes it is offered in the middle of the worship just before the sermon—it depends upon the local church’s tradition. When my wife and I were looking for a new church to belong to and worship with it was essential to us that, regardless of where in the worship it was offered, communion be offered on a weekly basis. It is important to us and it is one of those essential aspects of worship we were unwilling to part with.

The church we now belong to, an Anglican Church, offers communion on a weekly basis and we are glad for it. That’s where today’s post was created (but not in six, literal 24-hour days). It was a moment not written in the scheduled liturgy. Thus I am certain it was a Holy Spirit moment—an unwritten moment of pure joy.

You see the denomination I used to belong to is very serious about the Lord’s Supper and maybe rightly, absurdly, so. One is not allowed to have communion until one has been properly baptized and gone through all sorts of other hoops (made the right confessions, given the secret handshake, and participated in three or four years of mandatory pot-luck dinners). This is probably generally true of most denominations; whatever.

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