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Since I’m not reposting/updating the “Desanitizing Christmas” series this year (though I’ll likely do some updates next year to work in some objections an EO friend of mine has with my contention that Mary did not continue to be a virgin after Jesus’ birth, among other issues), here’s a quick ‘toon that hits on several of the issues I’ve touched upon in the past:

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I saw this over at Boar’s Head Tavern and thought it might be fun here too.

Richard Dawkins recently wrote (I suppose he probably should have just quoted himself) that “Darwinian theory was the best idea of all time.” That may or may not be true.

The fellas at Boar’s Head are having some fun with it–someone even suggested Beer was the best idea ever and another the bacon cheeseburger.

What’s your take? What’s the best idea ever?

I’ll start by saying the dark chocolate M & M.

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Interesting article on Internet Controversies.

From the article:

The Internet has been a breeding ground for controversy from the start. Part of this is a result of the fact that the Internet is the great neutralizer; it empowers everyone to have a voice.

Emphasis mine.

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