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This will be included in the sermon I will be preaching tomorrow morning. It will be the first time I have been in a pulpit since July 12, 2009.

Methodist Bishop William Willimon was interviewed in Modern Reformation magazine last year. He was asked, “What hope do our kids have of being discipled if we’re busy telling their parents how to be a better you?”

His response, so typically Willimon and blunt, is wonderful and terrifying at the same time:

There is an army base near my home where they’re preparing people to go to Iraq; I’ve noticed they don’t seem to do that with fun and games. They do it by saying, ‘here are some skills you’ve got to have or you could die, and you could cause the death of other people.’ I think it’s kind of an analogy. I feel sorry for kids that think Christianity is about skateboarding and fun and games, and then go off to college and realize it’s like we’re in a kind of war. I would also say that as somebody who’s been trying to follow Jesus for a long time. And it ain’t easy because Jesus won’t make it easy. He loves to take ordinary, faithless, weak people and make them disciples and demand they take over the world with him, in his way. (Modern Reformation, September/October 2008, 43)

Have a nice weekend and worship well tomorrow or today.

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