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I don’t believe it has been mentioned here formally so I’ll do so. Please keep Michael Spencer, aka the Internet monk in your prayers. He has been sick for some time now and announced at his blog yesterday that he has a cancer diagnosis.

From his post:

I have a cancer diagnosis. It’s complex, but has been quickly diagnosed once I was in the Markey cancer center. We know have a plan. Many weeks as some of you know, but that is my life for now.

It is amazing how small the world has become since the invention of the internet by Al Gore and it is amazing how we can learn to love people we have never met. iMonk is an honest man whose writings have touched many of us. I’m passing this along to him so he knows that the PPP community is praying as well; and to you in order that you might pray and continue to do so.

So I pray in the Name of Jesus and the power of the Spirit that the Lord will deal with this illness in a mighty way and bring healing to Michael and his family.  I pray for the doctors and nurses and other attendants who will wage this war on his behalf by administering medicines and counseling and more. I pray for his family that they will be supported and loved by their community during this difficult time. I pray for Michael that his faith will be strengthened as he fights this against this disease. I pray the Lord will soon return him to full health. God Bless you Michael and Godspeed.

Thank you.

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Merry New Year!

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