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Let’s start the week off right with a little fun.

It has been reported that sen. Harry Reid made some racially charged statements concerning pres. Barack Obama. Now many are calling for his resignation as majority leader among other things.

As it turns out, the Pres. has accepted Reid’s apology and some are even defending Reid.

Then there’s this happiness:

YouTube Preview Image

And there’s more.

This teaches me a couple of things. First, racism is still a problem in this country.

Second, there is an extreme double standard about race in this country too. Some get a pass; some do not. There is nothing different about Reid’s comments and those made by Trent Lott several years ago–comments that cost Lott his career in the senate. Why is there is a double standard?

Third, we should all choose our words carefully. It could very well be that these statements were given in a context that is different than just the soundbites (or quotations) we are hearing of. Nevertheless, words mean things and people are listening to our words.

So I’m not making any personal point because I do not have any particular opinion. What I am interested in is your opinion: Should Reid resign? Is there is a double standard? Will race ever not be an issue?

This is a different kind of post for me and I realize that this sort of post can be dangerous and cause all sorts of hate and discontent. I also realize many of you dislike Anne Coulter and many dislike Al Sharpton (and some dislike Geraldo and Fox News and me). Be that as it may, try your best to keep this civil and adult.

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