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So, I’ve started going through the Bible on my iPod (with the long trip back from TN, I’m now somewhere in Numbers), using the stuff from folks at The Bible in 90 Days. (I don’t know that I’ll make it through in 90 days – my goal is just to go all the way through it again).

Needless to say, I’ve picked up an appreciation for more of the narrative and its flow as a listener (rather than a reader).  My problem w/ reading is that the footnotes, line notes, references, etc. all become very distracting and send me off on far too many bunny trails.  So, while reading through the Bible is an excellent study, for me (at least) it still misses some of the narrative aspects.

[For example, hearing Joseph - no longer able to hide his identity from the suffering of his brothers - tearfully confess his identity to them, has never been so powerful a picture to me than when I heard it (instead of reading it).  I'm sure I must have driven through a dust cloud at that moment, since it seems some of the dust stuck in my eye at that point of the story.]

So, I had to laugh in my most recent drive at the following verse in Numbers:

Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.

I know Rick Frueh has quoted this before, but coupling this verse with the accepted tradition that Moses is the author of Genesis – Deuteronomy, the irony finally hit me.  This is also why, a number of commentaries suggest that it was likely a later prophet who added this parenthetical clause to the Torah (and not Moses), since simply writing it would nullify itself.

And so it was, after I laughed, I got to wondering how many times I nullify the content of what I’ve just said, just by saying it…

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