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I work at a Mental Health Facility. Quite honestly, we take away people’s liberty. They do something (to be fair, usually a multitude of somethings) and we remove them from society. At any given time there is at least 3 locked doors between them and freedom. Their entire schedule becomes controlled by someone else.
What time they get up.

What time they eat. What they eat. Where they play. What they play.

What time they go to bed.

Now, they rant and they rave. They argue. Sometimes they punch and assault. They always talk about what is wrong with everyone else and the ever illusive system. What’s interesting to me is how often they come back after they have worked to obtain their freedom.  They leave and with in a few days they’re trying to get back inside. It’s comforting there. It’s warm or cool depending on the season. They are familiar with what happens there every day. No matter how much they are willing to criticize and complain, they need the system to function.  It’s easier to let someone else dictate to you what you believe, and to be critical of what someone else has set up then it is to create your own.

Take those thoughts to the blog world. What happens when the thing that you have built your entire “ministry” around no longer seems relevant? What happens when people just don’t care about what you are writing about because your writings are akin to writing about the dangers of 8 track players in cars?

You kick and scream, that’s what happens. It started out with a silly little tirade about the Tall Skinny KiWi blogger, Andrew Jones. He put up a post about how to deal with critics. Never mentioned any angry bloggers by name, but oh boy did one angry blogger in particular go a little sideways. We learned that TSK was condescending. That he was think[sic] skinned, and that he was ill advised.

Then a few days later, there was anger directed at Frank Turk, for asking what “discernment bloggers” actually believe. Apparently it is wrong to want to know what someone actually stands for, not just what he is against.

Then today, someone sent me a link to this blog post where once again a discernment blogger is not only called to task but his arguments are dismantled in the comment thread.  There are too many good quotes to have a favorite but this one was particularly interesting,

I think I’ll just let Jesus lead me as to what areas I’ll be addressing.

Why is that interesting? Well because that is something that Mr. Silva and his friends have taken many a person to task for. When Rick Warren said it, there was great gnashing of teeth. When Rob Bell refused to answer their questions because he answered to God and his local church only there was a war cry.

You can read the whole post on your own, but it does bring up an interesting point. The self labeled discernment bloggers now have an opportunity. One that some of them have taken. I have my issues with Chris Rosebrough and I’m sure he has his issues with me but to his credit he has many posts up regarding what he believes.  The opportunity to do the same now lies before Mr. Ken Silva and his friends.

Of course, by putting up what they believe they will be open to criticism to it. This all begs an interesting question. What happens when the **Truth War** you are fighting either ends or changes battlefields? The emergent church was and will remain to be something of an easy target because there are so many different sides inside of it, but I have said before that it is more and more becoming irrelevant to the conversation of how we are to share our faith in the years to come.

Perhaps, that will mean the end of some *ministries* that don’t seem to actually be ministering. What happens when a ministry needs there to be a boogey man?

Indeed, what happens when…

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