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UnityDuring our recent discussion on the Resurrection and the different facets of its meaning (particularly as elicited in this Rob Bell video, called “Resurrection”), there was some insistence that the only important meaning of the resurrection was missed – that being that because of Jesus’ resurrection, all who believe in him will “go to heaven”. As part of the discussion, NT Wright was brought into the discussion. Since this time, we’ve done a bit more listening to Wright, just to get a good handle on his view of the Kingdom of God, the Cross and the Resurrection – particularly for those who seem to hold up Paul’s teaching as the gold standard for dealing with the Resurrection.

The Easter Message

One set of lectures which has been very helpful in this research was this talk he gave at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church (Newport Beach, CA) last year, entitled “Paul for Tomorrow’s World”. In it, he affirms that indeed, because of the cross, all who follow Christ also have the hope of resurrection, and to meet him again after his return. However, he also takes a holistic view of the Resurrection – including the prophetic works of the Hebrew Scriptures, the Gospels, and the writings of Jesus’ disciples. In doing so, Wright notes:

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