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“It is wrong to separate the legal status, gained by the complete discharge of the claims the law had upon us, from the resultant life. The only redemption Paul knew was one in which the redeemed life had received the gift of the Holy Spirit, and in which they lived as those who had been adopted into the family of God.”

–Leon Morris, The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross

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This one was a bit too long to dump into the One Line Thoughts series (I don’t want Brendt getting bent out of shape if I bend the rules :-) ) so I am up to #48.

In case you haven’t yet read Michael Spencer’s Mere Churchianity I will keep plugging it here until you get the hint that you should read it. Today’s thought for the day comes from that book, page 43:

“Does it seem to anyone else that the autopilot Christian life is primarily about how to get a reserved seat on the flight to heaven, assure yourself of a nice trip, and look forward to a smooth landing? But following Jesus leads to an entirely different kind of life. My experience is this: Jesus shakes me up, and I can’t get it together very well on my own.”–Michael Spencer

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