This one was a bit too long to dump into the One Line Thoughts series (I don’t want Brendt getting bent out of shape if I bend the rules :-) ) so I am up to #48.

In case you haven’t yet read Michael Spencer’s Mere Churchianity I will keep plugging it here until you get the hint that you should read it. Today’s thought for the day comes from that book, page 43:

“Does it seem to anyone else that the autopilot Christian life is primarily about how to get a reserved seat on the flight to heaven, assure yourself of a nice trip, and look forward to a smooth landing? But following Jesus leads to an entirely different kind of life. My experience is this: Jesus shakes me up, and I can’t get it together very well on my own.”–Michael Spencer

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1   Rick Frueh
August 4th, 2010 at 4:18 pm

If one day it does end up that there is only heaven and hell and only those in Christ by faith appear in heaven, then the “reserved seat” to heaven will not look so insignificant. In fact it will be eternally paramount.

I see his point, however God’s dealings with a 75 year run cannot overshadow the eternal implications of redemption. We would do well to continue to understand that the “entirely different kind of life” Michael alludes to is already with God in Christ. And I fully believe if Michael could return for a week he would shout the glories of the Risen Christ and His throne room and exhort believers to forsake the passing allurements of this fallen world.

Spurgeon once quipped that “when we reach the open door of heaven and lay eyes upon the Lamb of God we will think ourselves a thousand fools for ever desiring the things of this present world”.