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It’s not quite a One Line Thought. It’s not quite long enough for a Thought for the Day. It is just long enough to shake me this morning.

“We have made the bitterness of the cross, the revelation of God in the cross of Jesus Christ, tolerable to ourselves by learning to understand it as a necessity for the process of salvation.”

–Jurgen Moltmann, The Crucified God (as quoted by Brennan Manning, The Ragamuffin Gospel, 108)

Maybe it is true that I have taken the cross for granted. For all the preaching I have done about the cross in the past, maybe now, while I’m not preaching, is when I am learning just how much I believe what I used to preach about it.

All I am saying is that this wilderness I am in right now is teaching me more about myself than I care to know, and causing me to lean on God more than I am particularly comfortable doing. I am not sure I am particularly comfortable having to take the cross so seriously not just as the means of my salvation, but as the burden I am asked to take up and carry every single day.

I am learning just how bitter that cross was.

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