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You are my refuge in the storm,
When trials surge and conflicts swarm,
Your presence alone will transform
            The squall into a calm.
You are my faith in my unbelief,
My consolation in my grief.
Your presence alone brings relief,
            A cool and curing balm.

You are my retreat in the chaos
Of each twisting turn and toss,
Your presence overwhelms my loss,
            With tranquility.
You pursue me when I run and hide,
You share my burden, walk by my side.
Your presence alone dispels my pride
            With your humility.

You are my shelter from the tempest,
When my soul is distraught and distressed,
Your presence alone brings peace and rest.
            I know I am not alone.
You sing a love song over me,
Grace and justice in harmony,
Your presence alone the melody,
            A soul-soothing tone.

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“It is much easier to see the redemptive role of pain and suffering in God’s plan if you are not actually undergoing pain and suffering” (Walter Ciszek, He Leadeth Me, 119).

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