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The purest man ever born,
Here forsaken and forlorn
Tortured and racked with pain
Divinity enfleshed and slain
Upon a rugged tree
We now call Calvary.

Why, we ask, why
Did He have to die?
Is mankind that evil?
Is sin that primeval,
Are we that fallen and obscene
That God Himself must intervene?

The incarnation affirms,
And my conscience confirms
That only divinity enfleshed
Can break the bond enmeshed
Within this frame of dust,
This body of lies and lust.

And so Immanuel
Unlocked the keys of hell.
As His body expired,
Evil man conspired,
That His last prayer
For their forgiveness
Would be manifest
In His power revealed,
From His grave sealed;
His resurrection,
His insurrection,
Mankind set free,
Mass escapee
From Satan’s arm,
From hell’s alarm,
From sin’s outcome,
Death is undone.

Jesus is alive,
And only He can revive
And bring to life
This sin, this strife
This separation,
This accusation,
And redeem for His glory,
For His eternal story,
Life from death,
This borrowed breath,
Resurrected and redeemed,
Unvalued and unesteemed,
Yet in the eyes of Jesus Christ,
Worth life and death, worth the price.

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