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I just finished Love Wins. The first 3/4 bored me. As Bell points out, nothing he’s writing is revolutionary, its re-hashed, and any familiarity with Christian belief outside of modern day American protestantism is likely to render this into yesterday’s news. So why are so many criticizing this work, kicking Bell out of Christianity, and in general having a fit over some warmed over theology? I believe the answer is in the last quarter of the book, where Bell takes aim at some sacred cows (reference to Hinduism intentional, as these holy bovines are wholly outside of anything approaching Christianity).

A quote that cuts to the heart of the matter:

When people use the world “Jesus” it’s important for us to ask who they’re talking about. Are they referring to a token of tribal membership, a tamed domesticated Jesus who waves the flag and promotes whatever values they have decided their nation needs to return to? Are they referring to the supposed source of the imperial impulse of their group, which wants to conquer other groups “in the name of Jesus”? Are they referring to the logo or slogan of their political, economic, or military system through which they santify their greed and lust for power?

Love wins on the eternal timeline. But in the present day, culture is winning.

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