A certain man shared a garden with his neighbor. For many years they planted, watered, weeded and harvested together. One year a terrible storm came and damaged their homes and some of the crop. When it came time to weed, the man and his neighbor were so busy making repairs that they just let it go. The harvest came and the crops weren’t as plentiful and they weren’t as good, but the garden still produced.

The next season the man and his neighbor were still dealing with repairs so they each planted less, watered less, weeded less, and harvested less. The following season, the man decided that his home was in too much disarray and that his neighbor wasn’t as interested in the garden and the harvest wasn’t worth the effort, so he stopped planting, he stopped watering, and he stopped weeding. The harvest was even smaller. His neighbor grew frustrated because he saw the man give up on the garden and so the neighbor too, stopped planting, watering, and weeding. In just a years time the garden was swallowed up and the man had a broken house, a broken friendship, and no garden.

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