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I have good news Jesus Christ is alive now and forevermore the crucified one has risen from the grave and has ascended to the right hand of God and is the sovereign king and Lord of all who live and who have ever lived He is worthy of our praise and we are celebrating the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, welcome to Granger Community Church.

These were the words that followed the game of Simon
that Granger Community Church played, and if the anonymous editor had spent ten minutes in research he (or she) would have avoided slandering their brothers and sisters at that church.

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he actually has a sense of humor!


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“While some “Christian” pastors have slipped their Biblical moorings and are now apologizing for opposing abortion, men like Barak Obama are leading the charge to against pro-life legislation.”

This was the opening line in the post entitled It’s a Mad World, at CRN this morning.

It was followed with the statement

Is it really wrong and “Un-Christian” of Christians to call abortion a sin

So, I followed the link to a little leaven where they asked

Is the church wrong and judgmental for claiming that abortion and homosexuality are sins and contending against them?

Wow! A church that claims it is judgmental to call abortion and homosexualty a sin? A church that says it is wrong to call homosexuality a sin!? Where would this be? Well, it doesn’t exist. Here is the original news story and a few quotes that CRN or A Little Leaven will probably not want you to read

Georgia Baptist pastor who pledged to apologize to gays, women seeking abortions, and couples who live together outside marriage…

His apology was not limited to the aforementioned groups but was directed to those in the secular world that drive by churches each day and never consider visiting because of the judgmental posture…

Lee did not yield ground on his conservative beliefs but said the Church’s established methods of judging others for their shortcomings obviously has not worked. Driving people away from Christ is not an effective way of bringing them to Him, he said through a variety of illustrations….

“I am 37 years old and I believe the Bible is 100 percent truth without error. But the Bible tells us we are to judge our own lives and not the lives of those outside the faith”

And while I firmly believe that Romans 1 is true in its discussion of homosexuality I know that it is much easier to condemn when you do not know those in that lifestyle.

So, this would have been a big, huge, juicy story… if it were actually true. Apologizing for how we have treated these people is not the same as apologizing for what scripture has to say about their lifestyle and choices. I find it very ironic that Christians run to the media for an apology when someone treats them bad, but we are unapologetic for gay bashing, abortion clinic vandalism and arsons, and let’s not mention Don’t see too much outrage over how we have treated those that need Christ the most.

BTW… I LOVE how they had to drag Barack into the equation. Wouldn’t be a good ODM article without blaming some politicians for where the church has fallen short in affecting society.

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Well, well, well, it seems as if the anonymous editor over at has a problem with an emergent/emerging church’s gathering due to the adult beverages they served.

Oddly enough, the anonymous editor had nothing to say about the issue of women in leadership, which as you can see was clearly laid out as egalitarian:

Rob and I had talked about the conversation we would have about women in leadership. I was excited for this conversation because I knew how Rob had courageously led his own church through the change of an all male leadership structure to include women on every level of leadership.

Now, for those not paying attention, ODMs have taken a hard line stance against women in church leadership. So why the sudden bout of silence on such a nice big juicy target? It probably has something to do with the fact that Ingrid is busily setting herself up not just as an authority within a church, but as an authority over many churches.

So there it is. If you’re an ODM its ok to take a completely anti-scriptural view of alcohol, yet ignore what is a much stronger case against female leadership, all because you happen to have a big female voice on your team.

Turns out sola scriptura is an ODM punchline.

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A few weeks ago, in the comments of another post, someone said (emphasis mine):

Don’t ever speak of my God that way again.

While my opinions happened to align a bit more closely with the other points that the commenter was making than that of those of the person with whom he was arguing, the proprietary nature of that one sentence was nauseating. Certainly, the phrase “my God” is appropriate in certain contexts. Our faith should be personal, and so God becomes “my God”. But it’s a relationship between you and God, not a tool to distinguish or distance yourself from others, as though you had the corner on the market or — worse yet — own God.

Sidebar: On the plus side, this was shortly before Good Friday, and my pastor had asked me to speak briefly on Mark 15:34 at my church’s Good Friday service. There were so many directions to go and applications to make from this Scripture, that I was very much at a loss as to where to begin with my preparation. Then God put a flashing neon sign in front of me in the form of this (mis-)use of two words and things fell into place nicely.

So why am I just now bringing this up? Two reasons:

  1. The preceeding was way too short in and of itself. If I ever wrote anything that short, your head would explode at the cognitive dissonance. No one’s ever gonna accuse me of brevity.
  2. A variation of this issue has come up again.

Apparently, a book was released recently in which the author, Carrington Steele, lifted liberally from a few web sites (and possibly other sources) without attribution. In and of itself, bad form. The author claimed Fair Use as her reasoning — whether or not this is applicable is up for debate. It’s also irrelevant.

The majority of what she took (unattributed) was from sites of an ODM-ish nature. Maybe I overstate my case, but it has always seemed that one of the primary purposes of an ODM is to “discern” and disseminate (what they perceive as) truth. Yet many of them are up in arms over the dissemination of “their” truth.

One of the offended parties was Herescope. To their credit, when speaking of other instances of unattributed use of items that they generated, they said:

We have endeavored to praise the Lord that His Truth is getting out anyway, as Paul did in Philippians chapter 1, when he wrote of those who had motives of envy, greed or contention, yet proclaimed “What then? Notwithstanding every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice.” (vs. 18)

Kudos to them for this. They also note that this case is different in that material that they generated was used in different intent and context by Ms Steele. And this can certainly be a troublesome issue. It’s the primary reason that I wrote this post when my words were used and twisted to attack a friend.

But unlike that instance, the material that Ms Steele used was unattributed. So is the implication that the cross-section of folks that read both Herescope and Ms Steele’s book are smart enough to notice the similarity of certain passages, and simultaneously stupid enough to assume that Ms Steele’s conclusions and applications are those of Herescope as well?

One of the other offended parties was Lighthouse Trails. Their analysis of the situation comes in the guise of a book review. One can almost see the hand-wringing, as if the blog authors really didn’t want to publicly address the issue, but felt that they “had no other choice”, since there is apparently someone holding a gun to their heads, forcing them to “review” every book with which they come in contact. Again, the intent and context was misused by Ms Steele; but again, the material was unattributed. So, the same smart/stupid assumption must be made about the cross-section of readers of Ms Steele’s book and the blogs and books written by Lighthouse Trails.

While both Herescope and Lighthouse Trails did contact Ms Steele, this is an issue that should remain between them, Ms Steele, and perhaps the various parties’ publishers (particularly in the instance(s) where Ms Steele took material from published books without attribution). In our society, there is the (unfortunate) reality that a publisher — not the person who created it — “owns” material that they publish. And so, there is possibly call for all of the afore-mentioned parties to address this issue.

However, the general public receives no benefit whatsoever by the airing of this issue. The general public’s consumption of material certainly falls under the aforementioned Philippians passage. Compounding the problem is the fact that Ingrid and Ken the anonymous editor at CR?N used their blogs to further spread the news to people who have no dog in this fight.

When I was a kid, Mom told me that passing along “information” that has no relevance to you and/or the persons to whom you give the information was a pretty good definition of both “gossip” and “tattling”. How sad to know that my own mother lied to me — it’s really “research”.

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Wait till you read this! Christians are actually loving sinners, serving them, and developing relationships with GAYS! And not just Christians… MEGA CHURCH CHRISTIANS! Who do they think they are–Jesus?

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I think that CRN is having a mild case of schizophrenia. They recently posted an article on the danger of moralism. Upon reading it, I was first frustrated with this quote from MacArthur

So on the one hand, we are called to the exposition of scripture, explaining the Bible verse by verse, book by book.

Um, where exactly are we called to expository preaching of scripture, going line by line through the book? But I digress. The rest of the quote is great, discussing the dangers of legislating morality through the government. People are saved and changed by the Holy Spirit, not George W Bush. The article ends with this paragraph

And in a related issue here is the link to a message by Phil Johnson that “addresses the controversy that exists between the ministry of Dr. John MacArthur and that of Dr. James Dobson (Focus on the Family), on the issue of preaching the gospel to change the wickedness of man versus using political legislation to accomplish that end.”

Yes, you are reading this right… from the website that calls for petitions against gay marriage, calling your senator to have the ten commandments put back into court houses, berating politicians for not legislating the scriptures, comes this. So which is it CRN? Are we supposed to flee from the dangers of legislating morality? Or are we supposed to get a petition going to make sure that Genesis is the only creation theory taught in schools? Or maybe we just change our views every time Johnny Mac opens his mouth.

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Looks like the ODMs have been busy usurping God’s throne again, this time by deciding who Christ is allowed to be a propitiation for.

Here an anonymous coward puts on his Pope hat and ex communicates Highland Baptist Church for daring to study the work of Brian McLaren.

Here another, or the same anonymous coward uses scare quotes to let us know that all those emergents who don’t vote the proper way aren’t really Christians.

Lately we’ve been hearing so much about how non-ODMs don’t fear God enough, at least we fear Him enough to stay off his throne.

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This is a quote from and interview with J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter, from 

The newly released edition of the Edinburgh University Student newspaper, the oldest student newspaper in the UK, includes an interview with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.  In the interview Rowling claims to have received death threats from Christians opposed to her novels, calling Christian ‘fundamentalists’ “dangerous” and comparing them by inference to Islamic fundamentalists.

Asked if there were not some Christians who dislike the book ‘intensely’, Rowling replied, “Oh, vehemently and they send death threats”…

And the ODMs still wonder why many people don’t believe us when we say that we are a religion of peace, love and joy.

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Mike Corley recently took on the SBC’s initiative to be better stewards of our environment.  Let me first say that I have a growing respect for Mike and his willingness to go where other ODMs are not.  However, this article and radio broadcast left me scratching my head with confusion.

On air, he reads the initiative and agrees with everything, including the scripture used to back up the movement.  There was not one thing that he said was unbiblical or even off base theologically. In fact, the only negative thing he could say about it was that they referred to those who follow Christ as “Christ followers.”  So all in all, you would think that there was little cause for concern.   But, he continues by saying that he has “great concerns as to why this environmental move has taken place in the SBC.”

He makes a strange connection between this initiative and what he calls “hyper-arminianism.”  He defines this as “the implied or distinct teaching and mindset that God cannot save someone without that person’s agreement or allowance. “  Mike never makes the argument for the connection between this move to go green and this theology, so I am not too sure how one’s view of election would affect a biblical argument for caring for the earth.

He then takes the opportunity to rag on Rick Warren and LifeWay, the SBC publishing company –once again, giving no connection to the green initiative.  It seems that his basic premise is that are were bigger issues for the SBC to handle.  But it looks like he just took advantage of the situation to promote his opinions on the denomination, Rick Warren and what he calls the “money-driven practices of LifeWay”

He closes his article with a very strange comment

“But why not spend time and money on clearly defining the Gospel and preaching that Gospel, rather than doing the popular “green thing”.  It may make good conversation over a pumpkin spice latte, but it’s not the Gospel.”

First off, the SBC is known for its evangelistic focus.  While I am sure that Corley would say that Southern Baptists mostly produce false converts, not too many denominations can touch them in the amount of money and energies spent on reaching the world for Christ.  Therefore, the amount of time and money spent on drafting up this initiative is a drop in the bucket compared to that given to preaching the gospel.  If they weren’t doing the latter, the argument might hold up.

Second, there are lots of issues that are “not the gospel’:  Church discipline, modesty, homosexuality, abortion, divorce, idol worship, and spiritual disciplines to name a few.  Does that mean these are reduced to simply good Starbucks conversation topics too?  No.  Being good stewards of the world that God has given us is no different.       

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