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From here:

The other secret to his success is his passion for God and Jesus. Warren managed to speak for the entire evening without once mentioning Jesus — a testament to his savvy message-tailoring. But make no mistake, the driving purpose of an evangelical church is to evangelize, and it is Warren’s devotion to spreading the words of the Christian Bible that drive his ministry.

Just saying.

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I am going to believe the best, and say that the General Editor at CRN is not as ignorant as this article seems to show. For the last time, when Rick Warren said, “the future of the world is not secularism, it’s religious pluralism”, we was not advocating for one global religion. He was simply stating the facts. Just like when I say, “the future of my friend with cancer appears to not be a long life, but an early death”, I am not advocating the ending of her life. I am simply stating where things are headed. So, I hope we do not see a plethora of posts about how Warren is calling for one big global religion, or accepts all religions as true.

But, when you say things like

Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Theological Seminary (FTS), and his embracing of apostate Roman Catholicism as a Christian denomination it would appear Rick Warren is not the only one interested in a future of Global religious pluralism…And apparently this religious pluralism extends to non-Christian cults as well.

It does not make sense. If it was meant to be a jab at Warren, it was not very good. If it was meant to show that cults would be a part of a religiously plural society, you as simply stating the obvious.


I laughed so hard at this video. The music, the captions, the exclamation marks! Check it out

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twist, tangle, mix, mince, dice, kneed, jumble… all things done to Rick Warren’s words to create controversy. The latest

Rick Warren goes to the National Cathedral and declares that “the future of the world is not secularism, it’s religious pluralism.” Warren is also calling for mainline churches and evangelicals to come back together.

Can you say ecumenicalism or one-world religion?

No, you really can’t say that — at least about this quote. I would agree with Warren. The world is not necessarily becoming more and more secular. There is a rise in interest in spiritual things in modern culture. Both Kabbalah and Islam are on the rise. What we will probably end up with is a very religiously plual society. Does Warren support this, or think that it is a good thing? probably not. Does he think we need to to all get along? Sure.

I am beginning to think there is a a Warren obsession going on here.

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Without opening a can of worms, can someone please explain how this is not essentially fatalism?

Doesn’t the analogy of the graveyard make evangelism completely irrelevant, futile and unnecessary?  I mean, if you are preaching the gospel among the completely unresponsive dead, are not all evangelistic efforts simply busy work that God has us do?  Essentially shouting at graves?

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Both CRN and slice are up in arms once again over Rick Warren’s peace plan.  As expected, this global movement towards ending hunger, AIDS and poverty is getting lots of attention from many media outlets.  These ODMs cannot understand why a Christian would ever want to partner with someone of a different faith or sexuality to end such a horrendous problem in the world.  I wonder why the ODMs did not protest churches working alongside non-believers to help clean up Katrina or bring aid to the tsunami victims.  Surely, they too were advocating universalism.  Or could it be that simply because Rick Warren is behind this movement, it must be inherently heretical?

Recently CRN boiled down Warren’s message to this

Global Crisis Requires Global Spiritual Unity for Global Good

This could not be further from the truth.  Spiritual Unity implies that we all need to be unified in our faith to combat this crisis.  I challenge any ODM to find where Warren has said that we all must share the same spirituality to combat this.  Never once has he called for spiritual unity, but for people of all faiths to work together, which does not require spiritual unity.  You see, this is not a spiritual issue, this is a human issue that we are facing.  Christians, Muslims or Hindus are not dying everyday , humans are dying everyday.  The phrase should be altered to say

Global Crisis Requires Global Human Unity for Global Good

I truly believe that most ODMs have a hard time not seeing people in one of two categories:  the non-elect and the elect.  They cannot simply see people as human.  I mean, this issue should appeal to our basic human compassion.  Almost every culture in the world agrees that certain actions, such as murder, poverty and disease epidemics, are horrible atrocities.  But, this is why you will hardly ever see an article on CRN that addresses the suffering of HUMANS in Africa, or the genocide that is taking place in Darfur.  If it doesn’t have a “Christian” label and theology attached to it, it is worthless.

Now, I will say this, because I know the rebuttal is coming, our primary message is to preach the gospel.  However, a hefty portion of Jesus’ teachings were on feeding the hungry, caring for widows and praying for the sick.  It is not an either/or situation;  It is a both/and.  I challenge the ODMS today.  Are you against Warren’s peace plan because he is truly calling for a “Global Spiritual Unity”, or are you against it because it is simply Rick Warren?

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CRN recently posted an article entitled “ABC Has One Standard for Homosexuals and a Different Standard for Christians.” In the article, the author informs us that when actor Isaiah Washington made an anti-homosexual slur, he was fired. However, when Dana Jacobson made an anti-Christian remark, he was simply given a one-week vacation. As expected, they are calling for a Christian boycott of Jacobson’s show for his remarks.

There does seem to be a double standard. But I don’ think ABC is the only one that has one. I have one question for the editor at CRN and the American Family Association. Where was the outrage when Isaiah Washington, a self-professing Christian, made such hateful remarks against a group of people? Why did the Christian community not cry out in outrage when someone of our own camp made hateful and ignorant remarks? Or, are we to remain quiet when one of our own makes inappropriate remarks about those we disagree with, but boycott at the first sight of inappropriate remarks against us? Looks like double standards are definately in season this year. Either that, or we are fresh out of mercy and love these days.


It looks like the ODMs have decided to once again act like — well, ODMs. Chris Pajak writes this

I have to say that the author of this post at CRN.(pc)info. may have a point. In fact he could have taken his argument even further. I mean, where was the outcry when Moses wrote this hateful passage? Or where was the righteous indignation when Paul composed his screed in Romans 1? The church hasn’t come very far in the past 2000 years, wouldn’t you say?

So let me get this straight. This ODM equates God forbidding homosexuality in the scriptures with Isaiah Washington saying “I’m not your little faggot like [your partner]” to his co-star and slamming him up against the wall. This is very telling of the way the ODMs view homosexuals. They basically see the scriptures as a free pass to fling hurtful insults and dehumanize anyone who lives an unscriptural life. Why show love when there is so much righteous hate to go around? Looks like this ODM fits in more and more with Christians like this.  You see, we have no problem with homosexuality being a sin.  We have a problem with not loving those who Jesus loves.

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The ODMs seem to be the kings of illogical connections (I am sure there is some fancy term for that).  Recently Slice of Laodicea immediately connected a pastor to the emerging movement, simply because he was a little too involved with witchcraft.  Now, being one of the guys labeled “emerging”, I can tell you as an expert, I know NO “emerging” pastor that is involved with witchcraft.  The closest I get is watching the scene from Beauty and the Beast where the old hag casts a spell on the beast.

This latest connection leaves me a bit confuzzled as well.

This story from San Francisco Chronicle gives you a peek at the very heart of the faulty premise behind the Church Growth Movement which birthed man-centered postevangelicalism and the emerging church:

What is the story that will show us the faulty premise behind the Church Growth Movement?  I am glad you asked.  Designer bibles.  Yep.  Apparently the Christian Research is irrefutable..Those cute little bibles with two-tone leather are obviously conspiring with the big, bad church growth movement.  I am sure that Zondervan had a secret meeting with Robert Schuller, who had a diabolical meeting with his mentor Rick Warren, who consulted with Bill Hybels and his self-proclaimed disciple Rupert Murdoch — and they all came up with the same answer!  Finely Fashioned Bibles!  I am still not to sure how the cover of a bible sold down the street has anything to do with Church Growth, but I am sure these guys did do their Christian Research to find out.

Once again, we see that the exterior is much more important than the heart.

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Here is the whole post from CR?N:

An aptly titled piece from Washington Post and another example of the “Have It Your Way” Burger King spirituality in the emerging church and post-evangelicalism:

Donald Miller still loves God and Jesus. Don’t misunderstand him. His problem is with Christianity, at least how it’s often practiced.

“It’s a dangerous term, so I try to avoid it,” said Miller, who considered giving up his career as a Christian writer and leaving the church in 2003 because he couldn’t attend services without getting angry.

For him, the word conjured up conservative politics, suburban consumerism and an “insensitivity to people who aren’t like us.”

So the emerging church just makes up its own version sensitive to people who want Jesus without the holiness. And inadvertantly Donald Miller may have just described how the Holy Spirit feels about the man-centered Emergent Church, “[H]e couldn’t attend services without getting angry.”

I read the whole article and Miller’s point is that he got angry with the church because for him, “the word conjured up conservative politics, suburban consumerism and an “insensitivity to people who aren’t like us.” I whole hardily agree that these are good reasons to get angry at the church. Miller makes no comment on “wanting Jesus without holiness.”

In addition, Miller is a member of a church which holds a conservative reformed view. Why shoot your own?

I also realize there has been some criticism by conservative Christians of Miller’s “Blue Like Jazz” and some of it may be legitimate. However, these critics frequently forget that it’s written as a journal, not as a doctrinal statement. If any of us read our personal journals to each other, we’d probably have more then a few “heresies” in there.

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C?N just posted this quote from the Christian Post from an interview with Erwin McManus, saying that he is arrogant and has misconceptions over why the church is declining

A cutting-edge church leader known for his innovative ideas on reaching a post-modern generation for Christ contends the reason why churches are declining in America is because they are self-centered.

“My primary assessment would be because American Christians tend to be incredibly self-indulgent so they see the church as a place there for them to meet their needs and to express faith in a way that is meaningful for them,” said cultural architect Erwin McManus, lead pastor at Mosaic Church in Los Angeles, to The Christian Post Monday.

“There is almost no genuine compassion or urgency about serving and reaching people who don’t know Christ,” he added.

I am confused where the arrogance and misconceptions are shining through in this quote.  I do not make this statement to be insesitive or cutting, but what would the ODMs say is the primary cause of rapid church decline?  Judging from their theology, it would simply be that God is not electing like He used to.  Or, maybe the seeker-sensitive movement is just coming to full fuition.  If that is the case, according to their theology, God is still not electing as many as he used to.  Either way, they hold a very strange view on God’s relationship with His bride, and His love for humanity.  On one side of their mouth, the ODMs blame the modern church for the decline today.  On the other, they say that God is sovreign and all things are predestined only by Him.  It seems like they may be the ones that have misconceptions over why the church is declining.  At some point you have to sit back and see that this all doesn’t add up. 

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I could
A. create a commercial using a ton of scripture, explaining why the Bible says pornography is wrong. Of course, I would have to first convince the audience that the scriptures are authoritative and inerrant word of God, and it needs to be obeyed. But, then I could tell the world how they should stop giving kids porn simply because the bible says so.


B. create a commercial using one of the leading pornstars and producers that most people recognize as a sex symbol to communicate your message. Rather than giving the church answer, use compelling and logical arguments to help parents understand why pornography is more harmful and helpful for their children.

I am not too sure why we think “God did it, the bible says it, I believe it, that settles it” will work with the world around us. This ODM is criticizing for not using scripture in this announcement that is being aired on national television. Pornography is literally ripping apart the fabric of most families in America, statistically more so in believing families than nonbelieving families. And for some reason, whenever the church tries to effectively do something about it, we all freak out. And, a six week men’s study on purity is usually not the best medicine. Here is an organization that is trying to stop pornography from affecting children early on in life, and all this website can say is that they need more scripture in their argument.

I recently had a teenager talk to his dad about his occasional struggle with internet pornography. The family was on the most fundamental I have worked with (and that is an understatement). The dad was unable to cope with the news and, rather than talking it through, he grounded his son for six months. When the mom found out, she went into a two-week fit of deep depression over the “moral loss” of her son. The family literally fell apart in a matter of days. When I asked the dad about the situation, he said that he knew it all along and didn’t want to bring it up because it would ruin the family. He just prayed every night that God would help his son. I was amazed.

I think the church need to loose the don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy with this one, and use any and all means within the bounds of scripture to rescue our society from this clutch. If our best hope for stopping teenagers from becoming addicted to porn is Ron Jeremy telling parents that he makes his films for consenting adults only, then bring it on. Just don’t criticize the few out there making a difference for not having scripture in a commercial.

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