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Source: Cerulean Sanctum

Comments: In probably the most in-depth, well-thought article on the subject of ‘watchbloggers’/'heretic hunters’ anywhere to date, Dan lays out all of the ills, pratfalls and pitfalls associated with this group of modern inquisitors. While he does not call Slice out by name, one cannot read this without seeing every writer at Slice, especially Ken Silva, in almost every point of the analysis.

Memorable Quotes:

But I’ve seen enough. The following are the reasons why I will no longer support those sites:

1. They’re not confronting soberly and with care.
2. They’re using dubious logic and questionable facts to assail their targets.
3. They disingenuously look the other way when their favorite sources violate their standards.
4. They often ignore the whole counsel of Scripture.
5. They operate in the same manner as the targets they criticize.
6. They overlook their own issues.
7. They utterly refuse correction when they’re clearly wrong.

I was originally going to name names, but that flies in the face of how I typically address issues at Cerulean Sanctum. I’m sure every Godblogger has been irresponsible in a couple of those above points before (including here), but not on the consistent level of the heretic hunters. Many of you will already know the sites I’m hinting at. If you’ve read them, you know those sites refuse correction anyway, so naming them will not make a difference in how they promulgate their particular brand of “righteous” ire.

But just as God takes no delight in the downfall of the wicked, rather hoping that they would repent, no Christian blogger should do a “Ha! Ha!” a la The Simpsons‘ Nelson Muntz when they see a perceived enemy stumble. Nor should we joke about error or make fun of our enemies. And while it is fine for the Apostle Paul to “wish they’d go emasculate themselves,” none of us is Paul, or even a pale copy of him.

In those cases where the bloggers are available, confrontation is stemmed by having comments deleted or being disallowed from a site. I firmly acknowledge a blogger’s right to manage his or her own site, but still. An unwillingness to connect directly speaks volumes about the folks behind the blogs—and none of it in keeping with true Christlikeness. None of us should be afraid to reason together with fellow believers.

That sort of guilt by association is the primary means by which many of these sites denigrate individuals, too. Christian A endorsed the book by Speaker B who on a single occasion spoke at a church lead by Pastor C who knew Worship Leader D who once led worship in the church of Reverend E who in passing said something nice about supposed Heretic F. Therefore, Christian A is a false prophet and teacher because the chain leads to Heretic F. And how do we know Heretic F is a heretic? Well, in the heretic hunter’s blog posts from last week, he/she used that same six degrees of separation method with a different set of conspirators to prove that case.

And is doctrinal impurity in others any more harmful than being personally unloving, prideful, spiteful, and unwilling to be disciplined as needed? Yet so many of the heretic hunters, by the very words they write on their blogs and sites, show an abundance of those unwelcome traits.

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Source: Musings from Two-Sheds Gomer

Comments: Brendt notes that when the Church Report came out with the list of the Top 50 Most Influential Christians in America, some folks disagreed with the ‘influence’ of some on the list.  However, it seems Steve Camp didn’t question whether a number of them were influential, but whether a number of them were even saved in the first place.  And here I thought separating the wheat from the tares was a job of the Almighty…
Memorable Quotes:

To his credit, Steve Camp did not confuse the definition of the word “influential”. Rather, he has declared this:

According to my review of the list, 14 of the fifty listed by CR you couldn’t even consider as truly regenerated.

That’s right, boys and girls. Camp doesn’t call into question their influence as good or bad. He doesn’t even call into question their spiritual state. According to Camp, TD Jakes and 13 others are going straight to hell, not passing Go, and not collecting $200.

Am I the only one who finds it odd that someone who claims to be Reformed would make such statements about God’s election?

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Source: Emerging Thought in Montana
Comments: Iggy does a little bit of digging in the comparisons with the Biblical Laodicea and Ingrid’s little “slice”, and comes away finding it wanting – a lot…
Memorable Quotes:

I think if a blogger names the blog “a slice of Laodicea” they are trying to point out that there is something wrong in today’s church. In that I whole-heartedly agree. The thing is if you look and read some of the things on “Ingrid” it does not take long to see that she is judgmental and really goes out of her way to find these herasies she loves to write about. I am not opposed to exposing people whom I think are hypocrites… I think it is very obvious as you read anything she writes what her true character is.

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Source: Cerulean Sanctum
Comments: Dan notes a number of ‘explosions’ on the Christian Blogosphere, of which Slice played a part in several, and then offered counsel on remembering that there ARE people out there on the other end of the text messages…
Memorable Quotes:

Folks, a name and a postage stamp-sized pic on the Web is not a person. You don’t know me and I really don’t know you, either. It’s easy to tear out someone’s heart on the Web through our pseudo-anonymity. It is far harder to tear out someone’s heart in person. But when we get right down to it, the Lord would not have us savage each other on the Web anymore than He would condone us savaging each other in person.

Can we all just take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds? Can we count to ten before we post the latest flame bait or character assassination. I’m tired of the hunt for heretics. Cerulean Sanctum gets more combined hits from people looking for heretics than any other kind of Google search. That’s really sad.

Is this all we are about? I’ve blogged many times about this, but it’s getting stupid now and I’m questioning why we Christians even blog if this is all we can do.

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