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Ken couldn’t let his recent defeat on the internet at go down without some article on CRN.  I mean, I know he is God’s appointed ruler over all that is orthodox, so he wouldn’t want the world to see that he is immortal and flawed (”pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” comes to mind).  He didn’t bother to bring up the fact that opinion blogs, such as apprising, are not allowed to be cited on wiki pages, or that most of his “proof” is himself citing himself.   Gotta love his closing remarks though

thus the lead Watchdog Watcher Chris Lyons may finally rest easy…

Well, at least for now anyway…

He might as well have said “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!”

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Looks like our favorite watchdoggie is back on the wagon. That’s right folks! Ingrid has made the promise

I decided to gradually republish salvageable posts from the past that are of some informational value. …In addition, I will be occasionally adding current news stories minus public comment for the sole purpose of giving out information.

Looks like she missed the old doghouse. However, there were some promising and encouraging words within her explanation post.

The dead orthodoxy and dryness and lifeless textualism in conservative churches is actually propelling the popularity of the false churches. A return to tradition is not the answer. What is needed is a return to a passionate love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Only in the Vine, in true fellowship with the Lord, will real life exist. I want to be in the Vine, friends. How about you? Time is short, and how we spend it is desperately important.

for one Ingrid, we agree. Hopefully we can live in the vine together.

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Given that AM has published a poster child of this fallacy today, I have added to the “Appeal to Authority” logical fallacy to our section on “The Use of Logic”.


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Hello all!

At the end of August, Chris invited me to come on as a contributor to the site.  Unfortunately at that time, our campus church was just starting up for the year, and the last three weeks or so have been a whirlwind.  I have tried to keep up with the posts here and other places, but I feel pretty much out of the loop as far as the blogosphere goes.  Not that that’s a bad thing.  It has been refreshing to interact with the young Christians who are part of the campus ministry, and it’s great to be doing “hands-on” ministry once again.

Some of you are probably wondering who the heck I even am, so I will give a brief intro. My name is Phil Miller, and I currently live in State College, PA with my wife Donna.  I guess you could say we are bi-vocational ministers (although I’m not in love with that term) at Penn State University (Go Lions!).  I work at a small engineering firm during the week, and my wife is just about done with her PhD work.

I do have a personal blog that has been sadly neglected, so I wait to put a link for that until I can dedicate some more time to it.  I’m glad to be back, and I want to thank Chris for the opportunity to share some of my thoughts here.

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We seem to be missing a post from this past week (UnWARRENted).  I suspect that it was accidentally deleted while someone was either fixing tags or categorizing it (or fixing a broken link).  We will repost it if someone can get us a copy of the original.  I’m not sure how to rescue what comments were beneath it, but if I can, I will bring those back, as well.

This was no way intentional, and we’re trying to sort it out…

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Hey Guys,

I am back from beautiful Bali, Indonesia.  We had tons of our cross-cultural workers together for a beautiful time of relaxation and preparation.  Thank you to all who were praying for me.

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A page has now been added for the Guilt-by-Association logical fallacy.

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In answer to a request to document the different logical fallacies we most often confront, I have added a new section to the blog in the upper right column, entitled The Use of Logic.  Over time, I will gradually add to this page a small library of argument types which can be linked to within your comments as you see such things exhibited.

The first fallacy I’ve documented is probably the one we see most often, the straw man.  Because practice builds skill in recognition, I would suggest that you read it so that you understand the theory and then bop on over to Slice, AM or C?N so that you can practice your skills at recognizing straw man arguments in action!

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I am sorry, but I am really tired of articles like this.  First, as an emerging leader, I am accused all over the internet of being shallow, doctrinally weak and too focused on insignificant elements in church.  However, there has been an increasing trend among watchdoggie blogs to write articles on nothing but someone’s appearance.

Keith from Watwasithinkin? had this to say about Dan Kimball

One of the people below is Dan Kimball, who is from what I’ve been able to put together, an author of several books related to the emerging church (and no I haven’t read any of them)… I had never heard of Dan Kimball before now.

I didn’t watch all of the video. I couldn’t. I could not get past the hairdo!!! …How in the world does an ADULT walk out of the house looking like this and think: “Man, my ‘do’ is looking goooooood today!”…To the people that will see this and be offended, may I offer the following: If you REALLY want to be taken just a little bit serious…DO NOT WALK OUT OUT OF YOUR HOUSE LOOKING LIKE THIS!

Here’s a guy who doesn’t even know Dan, but feels it necessary to critique his HAIR!?!  I have come to believe (in the hundreds of conversations I have had with people visiting Mosaic) that the main beef with watchdoggie blogs is style, not substance.  Most articles have to do with music, traditions, “the way things used to be” and how the good ‘ol days need to come back.  My grandfather, Ralph W Neighbour Jr., wrote a book in 1979 before The Survival Kit called The Seven Last Words of the Church.  You know what he said that the last words of the church there were going to be over 25 years ago? “We’ve never done it that way before.”  Man was he right.  I just hoped it would all have a little more depth to it than hair-dos and clothing. 

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Tim already wrote an article on the subject, so I will keep this brief.  The Willow Creek Arts Conference video clips that Slice is up in arms over are short commentary about a 90 minute talk that the speakers gave at the event.  To make statements about the small amount of content in the clips is akin to walking in on the last 5 minutes of a 90 minute conversation and feeling you have a handle on the while thing.  From someone who was actually at the event, Donald Miller’s content was hardly controversial and, in my opinion, timely and very biblical.

In closing and responding to many of the comments at Slice, many people have questioned the whole reason for having an arts conference.  Let’s not forget that once upon a time, the church was known for its art.  In fact, the church was the artist center for the culture.  Everything from the Sistine Chapel to the David statue, the artists communicated biblical truth thru their work.  And, it was from this art culture we received many of the hymns that more believers hold as holy and sacred.

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