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We changed our site Name/URL.  And now we’re similar, but yet different than we used to be.

We are similar in that we’re not hiding our past – not an article has changed or been deleted from our archives.

We are different in that we’re taking constructive criticism into account and trying to discuss some of the higher level issues raised by CRN/Slice, allowing all commenters (within the bounds of decency, as defined by our ‘On Commenting’ section).

I will try to update our Pages/FAQ’s as I can, though this weekend looks a bit busy, and if you’ve got requests for specific CRN topics/articles to be covered, send me an email and I’ll get something written up…

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Ingrid now has a message up at: (redirected from the Slice address).

Dear Slice Readers: A new website is under development that will incorporate the writing talents of several different contributors on discernment issues facing the church. While the Slice format was popular and useful, we are hoping that the new format will be superior in the way it offers needed information for the body of Christ. When the new website is up, it will have a new domain but the address will link directly to it. We hope to have the site up and running within two weeks. At the time that the new site is unveiled, there will be new contact information available. A warm thank you to all of you who read and benefited from the links and articles on Slice. However imperfectly the information was presented, our hearts desire here at Slice was to lift up the name of Jesus and to draw people back to the Word of God. Sincerely, Ingrid Schlueter

Let’s pray that the ‘new’ Slice will consider the heartfelt, legitimate criticism and incorporate the heart of Christ in their new site. They have had a number of legitimate issues/stories that should concern us (in the past week, Pat Robertson’s “prophecies”, the crass program of ’soul milestones’, the atheist site asking people to ’sign over their souls’, etc.). These good things tend to get lost in the focus on externals, broad-based attacks on the emergent/emerging church, ridicule of everything that comes from Saddleback, etc.

I am SO glad there was no malfeasance involved in the closing of the old ‘Slice’. I hope that after the new site launches, I never have to say a critical word about it, and that it edifies the body of Christ. I have so many things I’m working on, and I’m sure all other critics of attitudes like Slice’s have better things to work on as well.

Ingrid, if you’re reading this, I honestly hope your future venture is something I could point friends to (churched and unchurched) as an example of Christ in our culture.

Grace and Peace,

Chris Lyons

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Here’s a list of what I’ve gotten updated this morning (and last night):

I’m off for the rest of the day, I suspect, and Purdue is playing tonight (though my hopes aren’t too high, since their record is probably better than it should have been…)

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Working on some things around the house the past day, but had some time to pull in some more updates:

Also, thanks to JohnD, for his excellent original post yesterday afternoon!

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