This is our “Debunking” page.  The page will serve as a time-saver against common arguments that come up again and again.  If a commenter makes such an argument, time can be saved by simply conferring to the appropriate paragraph on this page (e.g. – “cf. Debunking Page, paragraph 1).  This is not intended to be exhaustive against all repetitive accusations.

Paragraph 1: “You guys all…”
While there are many who post on Prophets-Priests-Poets, we are far from a unified or monolithic group.  Unless you are making a statement about a core doctrine of the faith (e.g. – “You guys are all a bunch of Trinitarians…”) any comment painting us as all having the same opinion on a matter (particularly if the matter includes any of the following people or topics) is wrong.  While we all hold the core doctrines of our historical faith, how we put those into practice and our opinions of how others do the same vary greatly.

Paragraph 2:  “Rick Warren is…”
The objections against Rick Warren are as varied as one can imagine (from the right and the left); whether it be accusations of promoting pornography, Islam, praying to a false Jesus – blah, blah, blah.  Rick Warren is a brother in Christ who has been, and probably will continue to be, used by God for the advancement of his Kingdom and the benefit of his church.  There are things we could address against Warren, be they comments, strategies, etc…  yet,  he is due the benefit of the doubt and should be referred to with the respect due any brother in Christ.

Paragraph 3:  “Rob Bell is…”
There is no denying that Rob Bell is controversial and appears to enjoy making statements and doing things that are provocative.  Yet this is not the point.  The statement of faith of Mars Hill Church is consistent with orthodox historical Christianity, therefore Rob Bell should be given the benefit of any doubt and treated with the respect due a brother in Christ.  Claims of his denying the virgin birth, denying the need for evangelism, and the like are tired and baseless.  Discussions on the beliefs and actions of Rob Bell are certainly permitted, but until such time as he makes a definitive statement that contradicts the belief statements of Mars Hill Church his status as a brother in Christ should not be the topic of discussion.

Paragraph 4: “Greg Boyd is…”
Greg Boyd is a Christian pastor who is sometimes seen as controversial because he teaches ‘Christus Victor‘ as one of the valid metaphors for Jesus’ atonement, because he believes in a form of Open Theism that is at odds with Calvinist views of predestination, and because he believes that the American church has become too closely identified with its host country. He does not deny God’s Omniscience or Omnipotence, nor does he espouse overthrow of the government, nor does he deny that Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection was necessary for our salvation.

Paragraph 5: “Emergents believe…”
The Emerging Church Movement is just that – a movement. It is not a denomination, nor does it have a set of monolithic ‘beliefs’. It has no ‘convention’ at which it decides doctrine. Saying that all Christians from the ECM believe (x) is like claiming that “all Americans believe (x)” – it is rare to find anything of substance “all Americans believe” – just like with the ECM. Some parts of the ECM are more conservative (often choosing “Emerging” or “missional” to describe themselves), while others are more liberal (often choosing “Emergent” or “the conversation” to describe themselves). Trying to broad-brush the ECM is a non-starter, so please be very specific as to whom or what you are speaking.

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