General Blog Policies

Attribution: All posts written will be attributed to specific contributors.  All comments will have a traceable electronic signature which we will make public when we believe it may be abused by those seeking anonymity.  Anything short of this is cowardice, by definition, and contrary to even the most basic of journalistic standards.

Open Discussion: We will allow discussion on all articles (though there may be reasons to close the comments section on an article after a passage of time or to quell an unproductive conversation that has devolved to inappropriate behavior).  Anyone is allowed to participate, though if the assumed good faith in this arena is abused, we may put a user on moderation which allows us to read the comment before it is posted to the public board so that it is seen by a member of the blog staff and responded to in a timely fashion.

Post/Comment Deletion: As a rule we do not delete any comments or posts, while mistakes may happen with our spam filter.  If the need arises, we may add clear “UPDATE” tags and sections to posts, or we may edit them to fix formatting/grammar issues.  Though very rare, we retain the right to delete a comment or link, or redact profanity if deemed egregious or for security purposes.

Accountability: Those who contribute posts will hold each other to the biblical standards we would expect when brothers and sisters in the faith interact.  We will attempt to do the same with those who comment.

Commenting Policies

Anyone may comment on posts made to this site.  We do retain the right to delete a comment or link which contain offensive language/vulgarity, outright slander, or systematic patterns of abusing others.  If a comment is deleted and/or redacted – an “ed. note” will indicate that this has been done.

You Might Not Be Taken Seriously If:

  1. … you say you want intellectual debate and then follow it with insults.
  2. … you post random verses (particularly in King James English) and don’t explain your exegesis from said verses.
  3. … you use ALL CAPS, random (or no) punctuation, long rambling comments with no paragraphs, enumberous misspleings, creative syntax, etc.
  4. … you play ‘pin-the-tail-on-the-Anti-Christ’, compare church leaders to Hitler/Stalin/Mao/etc., or engage in tinfoil hat conspiracies.
  5. … you make voluminous accusations and label everyone you disagree with as an apostate, and then refuse to answer questions posed to you, question the salvation of others, and/or sanctimoniously pull rank (”I’m a pastor and you’re not”).
  6. …your comment has absolutely nothing to do with the post to which it is attached.
  7. …you repeatedly try and link every discussion back to a favorite hobby-horse issue or whipping-boy person.

Use of Logic

The use of logical fallacies should be avoided, and certainly not employed as a way of diverting and/or confusing a discussion.  Whether in a post or comment, the use of logical fallacies such as the straw man, proof by assertion, contextomy, ad hominem attacks, and false dichotomy will be addressed.

All correspondence (email, et. al.) relating to this blog and web site, directly sent to us, or comments left on this site, become our property and may be published on this site or elsewhere.

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