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According to the logic and theology of MacArthur & Friends we must banish another Christian author/preacher/teacher to the realm of the apostate.

Warren W. Wiersbe in his book Real Worship -

“Once we understand the subjective and objective aspects of worship, we are better prepared to deal with some of the problems that worship seems to create. For one thing, we can better understand why different Christian communions express their worship in different ways. After all, if there is one God and one Bible, why should we not all worship in the same way? The answer is simply that we are all different and live in different cultural contexts.” (p. 25)

I watched a Christian comedy show the other night. It was a bunch of different African-American comedians telling mostly clean jokes, often about church. I didn’t get a lot of the jokes. Sure, I got some of them, but most of the jokes required me to have some kind of prior experience with a particular type of church in a particular tradition. I turned it off before it was over and I’m pretty sure I tuned out long before that. Grrrr… context strikes again.

As has been pointed out before, the problem with contextualization is not when you contextualize something, but when you contextualize it and think that everybody should do it your way.

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